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Whey Plus

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Whey Plus™ is a complete and balanced supplement for every types of athletes, yoga practiser, Muai Thai boxers, endurance Triathletes, gym regulars or anyone who into any kind of exercise routine.

With one of a kind protein combination, Amino EZ® as an “instant assimilation” formula or fast protein supply incorporated in combination with slower proteins as whey protein, egg white protein and pea protein, together with Palatinose® and Pine Pollen, the product Whey Plus™ is the right product for everyone.

Whey Plus supplies long lasting energy, has a low glycemic index, guarantees a stable blood sugar level as an aids for weight loss. Since Whey Plus containts with the complete essential protein it will increase muscle thickness, helping you preserve lean body tissue particularly during exercise as it delivers bio-available amino acids and Cysteine.

Amino EZ® is the right answer to full muscle protein requirement where it is a natural source of free amino acids and provides 17 different Instant and Soluble Amino Acid profiles, including 7 (essential amino acids, EAA). Amino EZ® has high content of BCAA where BCAA improve endurance level, enhance protein synthesis, reduce central fatigue and support immune cell function. Amino EZ also optimizing resistance training and improving endurance.

1 sachet daily for normal consumption. Best result is to drink in between of 2 exercise routine or after finished whole routine. Mix sachet well in a shaker using mild hot water for best drink experience. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry and cool place.


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